Monster Lagends Cheats INFINITE HABITAT Hack

Monster Lagends Cheats INFINITE HABITAT. This hack is useful to eliminate the limit on building habitats, so that you can build a lot of habitat in game Monster Lagends.

Tools used in Monster Lagends Cheats Infinite Habitat:
 Guide to use Monster Lagends Cheats Infinite Habitat:
  1. Open Monster Legends.
  2. Open cheat engine.
  3. Find the process ,if you use mozila firefox, plugin container.exe or flashplayerplugin11...if you have flash player 11.
  4. At cheat engine change from 4 bytes to string or text.
  5. After scan "HABITAT" and click first adress scroll down and then click the last.
  6. Click the red cross.
  7. And down select one and after press ctrl+A to select all adresses.
  8. Right click>change record>value.
  9. Change to "INFINITE".
  10. After that, buy and build Habitat then store Habitat to storage (Repeat this step until the number you want).
  11. Then close Cheat Engine and reload Monster Lagens.
  12. Open again Cheat Engine then repeat steps number 3 up to number 9.
  13. Then Begin to build a habitat in storage.
  14. Reload again Monster Lagends and see your habitat building.


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